vida vacations


Vida Vacations is a luxury destination club that offers you access to amazing vacation experiences at the finest and most exclusive resorts in the world. Whatever happiness means to you, Vida Vacations will help you find your own piece of paradise and true happiness through spectacular vacations.

Over the past 45 years, more savvy travelers from around the world have chosen Vida Vacations as their travel partner than any other resort company in Mexico. With Vida, you will consistently get more from your investment in happiness — more destination options; more luxurious accommodations; more choices for dining and activities. But above all, Vida helps you make more unforgettable memories to share for a lifetime.


Vida Vacations gives you access to the exclusive world of Vidanta — spectacular destinations along some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. Imagined by visionaries and built by artisans, these destinations were created expressly for you and your family’s happiness, every last detail crafted for incredible vacation experiences. When you stay at Vidanta, you will be immersed in a world of luxury accommodations, amazing restaurants, activities for the whole family, pools that defy imagination, world-class entertainment, and unmatched service.


Choosing Vida Vacations means you are willing to invest in your family’s happiness. With guaranteed time for vacations each year, you can look forward to reconnecting with loved ones and escaping the stresses of daily life, year after year. You will undoubtedly weave vacations into the fabric of your family. You will establish traditions that bring family and friends closer together — traditions everyone in the family can look forward to each year. And since your Vida membership can be passed down to your loved ones, you will leave a legacy of happiness for generations.