Foro Vidanta was a pioneering extension of that leadership, bringing together a diverse range of experts from around the country to meet and confer with esteemed international leaders of global tourism industries. Through conferences, workshops, and hands-on experiences, Foro Vianta was created to initiate productive, forward-thinking conversation on the future of tourism and its role as an engine of economic development in Mexico. The goal of the event was to demonstrate that tourism is a potent force for social economic transformation.

We are grateful for all the wonderful people and organizations that helped make Foro Vidanta such a success and look forward to hosting similar events and forums in the future.

Foro Vidanta was created for students of tourism, gastronomy, and related fields, as well as academics, journalists, businesspeople, influencers, and more. The conversation at Foro Vidanta was focused around four key pillars: 

- Tourism's Future in the Digital Age
- Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Practice
- Mexican Gastronomy as a Tourism Experience
- Creativity, Culture, and Mexico as a Global Ambassador